DC to AC Power Inverter With Auto Battery Charger

An Electrical inverter changes direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC is used in your house to run appliances, tools and lights. DC comes from batteries. An inverter charger is a device used to charge the battery source on an inverter.

Why Have An Inverter Charger?
1. You can buy an inverter so that you can use your power tools in remote areas by attaching the inverter to your car battery, and of course charge the battery by running the car. If you wish to use the inverter while not near your car you must charge the inverter battery.
Inverter Charger Incorporated into the Inverter
2. Inverters can also come with a built-in charger. This means the inverter has a way to get energy and send this energy through a circuit to charge the battery. The most common way is by plugging the inverter into the wall, charging the battery then the inverter is ready to use when you need it.
Separate Charger
3. You can also get a charger that is separate from the inverter. You could use an ordinary car battery charger.
Electrical Inverter Charger Incorporated into the System
4. An inverter with an incorporated charger can also be wired directly into your electrical system. There is a switch so that if you have an outage, the batteries begin supplying 120-volt electricity. When the electricity returns, your inverter shuts down and the incorporated batteries are charged. You would install this electical inverter charger if you lived in an area with many outages.
The Inverter Charger Works Like A Battery Charger
5. You can use the inverter charger to recharge your battery by connecting it to a 120-volt AC source. Your charger uses a step down transformer to change the 120 volts to about 18 volts before it goes through a wave rectifier, which converts the AC to DC. There is also a device to make sure the battery doesn't overcharge.

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