Power Converter Kit Jensen 1600 watts

Jensen 1600 Watt Power Converter Kit JEN1600Are you looking for a power converter? The description of this product (Jensen 1600 Watt Power Converter Kit JEN1600) is about as believeable as any election campaign promise. First of all, it falsely claimed that this product "Converts voltage (220/240V AC) to U.S. voltage (110/120V AC)". Secondly, it failed to mention that you can only use this product for simple HEATING appliances from 500-1600W, and never for any electronic appliances.

To actually convert a 220V sinusoidal waveform into a 110V sinusoidal waveform, you need to use an AC transformer. This product, on the other hand, uses a solid-state switch inside to 'chop off' part of the 220V sinusoidal waveform. This is exactly how an incandescent lamp dimmer works. The resulted waveform, however, is highly distorted and is far from a 110V sinusoidal voltage.

Most simple HEATING appliances (such as travel iron or hair dryer) work just fine regardless of distorted voltage waveform. Therefore you can safely used them with this POWER converter. But if you ever try to plug in an electronic appliance (such as DVD player, computer or microwave oven), then either the converter or the appliance could be fried in an instant!

My advice is to stay away from this potentially destructive product. If you must bring electronic appliances with your oversea trips, make sure they are rated for universal voltage of 100-240V AC. That way, you can safely use them in other countries without the need for a voltage converter. All you need is a set of universal plug adapters.

Power supplies for most portable electronics (laptop, camcorder, cell-phone, electric shavers, etc.) are already designed for universal voltage, although some of them may require you to physically flip a voltage-selection switch. Check the user manual or the AC input plug of your appliance to make sure.

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