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15Comparison Of Intelligent DC to AC Inverter With Ordinary Inverter
Description Intelligent Inverter Ordinary Inverter

Initial Checking
Auto-Detecting Wrong Battery Cont.
Checking Battery Before Output To
Avoid wrong battery ex. 12V/24V

Output Regulation
Intelligent AVR
110V / 220V ± 5%
For 11V – 15 Battery /Low –Full Load
110V  / 220V ± 10%

Output Frequency
Crystal Controlled ± 0.05%
Stable & Accurate
RC Controlled ± 1%
Unstable & Inaccurate
User Unselectable

Intelligent Fan
Auto-Detecting Temp. /Load
Then Auto –Operating the Fan
Without Automatic Detecting .
When Connect the unit, the fan
start running at once.

Low Battery
Battery Low Warning Before Shutdown
Pre-alarm if <10.5V w/bi--------bi-------sound
Shut Down & Alarm if < 9.5V
Shut Down & Alarm 
if < 9.5V

Over Heating
Over Heat Warning & Shutdown
Pre-alarm if>60°C w/bi----bi----bi----sound
Shut Down & Alarm if > 65°C
Shut Down if 
> 65℃

Over Load
Over Load Warning & Shutdown
Pre-alarm if >1.1FL(Full load) w/bi-bi-bi-bi
Shut Down & Alarm if > 1.5FL
Shut Down if 
>1.2 FL
Output Short
Output Short Circuit protection w/o burning
The fuse
Burning Out Fuses, 
then Shut down
Appearance Size
Compact Size
Lighter Weight
More rigid body
More heavy on the weight

Special feature
*** Micro-Start ***
Turn on easily especially for electronic saving lamp, TV (Suitable for capacitor load electronic products)
Not easily 
to turn on electronic
Saving lamp, 

TV at once.

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