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15Comparison Of Intelligent DC to AC Inverter With Ordinary Inverter
Description Intelligent Inverter Ordinary Inverter

Initial Checking
Auto-Detecting Wrong Battery Cont.
Checking Battery Before Output To
Avoid wrong battery ex. 12V/24V

Output Regulation
Intelligent AVR
110V / 220V ± 5%
For 11V – 15 Battery /Low –Full Load
110V  / 220V ± 10%

Output Frequency
Crystal Controlled ± 0.05%
Stable & Accurate
RC Controlled ± 1%
Unstable & Inaccurate
User Unselectable

Intelligent Fan
Auto-Detecting Temp. /Load
Then Auto –Operating the Fan
Without Automatic Detecting .
When Connect the unit, the fan
start running at once.

Low Battery
Battery Low Warning Before Shutdown
Pre-alarm if <10.5V w/bi--------bi-------sound
Shut Down & Alarm if < 9.5V
Shut Down & Alarm 
if < 9.5V

Over Heating
Over Heat Warning & Shutdown
Pre-alarm if>60°C w/bi----bi----bi----sound
Shut Down & Alarm if > 65°C
Shut Down if 
> 65℃

Over Load
Over Load Warning & Shutdown
Pre-alarm if >1.1FL(Full load) w/bi-bi-bi-bi
Shut Down & Alarm if > 1.5FL
Shut Down if 
>1.2 FL
Output Short
Output Short Circuit protection w/o burning
The fuse
Burning Out Fuses, 
then Shut down
Appearance Size
Compact Size
Lighter Weight
More rigid body
More heavy on the weight

Special feature
*** Micro-Start ***
Turn on easily especially for electronic saving lamp, TV (Suitable for capacitor load electronic products)
Not easily 
to turn on electronic
Saving lamp, 

TV at once.

Foto SP300C, SP600C

Foto SP300C, SP600C

Foto 2000 Watt s/d 5000 watt

Foto 2000 Watt s/d 5000 watt

Foto Bukti Pengisian 12V 200Ah 4 Unit

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